"Bad Men" Artist Statement
Jill Greenberg, 2016

While I was making these images, I was thinking about the male rage, testosterone "poisoning", the hypermasculine. The extreme violence that can take over in a man, when he "sees red", entering into an almost fugue-like state, and can no longer control himself, but becomes an animal and the basest instincts grab hold.

The male forms stretch and distort through waves of water and behind bent light. The image data is heavily processed to maximally transform the picture into something new and perhaps painterly--I tend to be primarily  inspired by painters and ideas and have always loved the political paintings of Leon Golub, his scraped canvases and aggressive male poses. 

Having seen first-hand, the rage light up a man's face, seen men who could not control themselves either physically and verbally,  punching walls, smashing their heads on counter tops; even turning their anger toward me.

Every single day 3 women die at the hands of an intimate partner, and 960 are sexually assaulted each day-- one woman every 90 seconds.

These pictures are about male violence and the unbridled animalism at its roots. For it is very rarely women, who behave like such violent beasts.

 It is as if the figures are swimming in a sea of testosterone and blood.